If your question is, “what can asking the question do?”, here are some inspiring answers. Take a few moments to hear these stories about conversations that have transformed lives. And if you have one you’d like to share, please do. 

  • Our inspiration: Gavin Larkin

    “Getting connected. Staying connected. That’s the best thing any of us can do.” read more
  • Brumbies rugby union team

    "Mateship is always being there for someone and ready to listen when they're in need." read more
  • Troy Mussio

    "If you notice something's not right, just ask, It's not hard to say 'Are you alright? Can I help out?'" read more
  • Darryl "The Big Marn" Brohman

    “If you do sit down and talk with them you could make a massive difference in their life.” read more
  • Hugh Jackman

    “Nothing beats face-to-face time. Time with family, time with friends.” read more
  • Rachael Robertson

    "As the leader I needed to be on the lookout for signs that someone wasn't coping." read more
  • Michaela Healey

    “It’s by caring for one another than we’ll actually create a more supportive environment.” read more
  • Frank Pegan

    “We shared a cup of tea and had a long conversation.” read more
  • Rachel Clements

    “It’s really important that they feel as if they have the confidence to be able to have that conversation.” read more
  • Tommy Raudonikis

    “Even if I can only help one bloke I think, I’ve done alright”. read more
  • Will Austin

    "When depression comes into play, people often become isolated, believing that they are alone. This is when a meaningful conversation is needed." read more
  • Alistair Schuback

    RU OK? Community Ambassador Alistair Schuback's original song "Leave Your Demons Home Today" read more