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Latest News

  • Experts answer your curly conversation questions: Part 1

    26 Jul 2016 03:04 AM Read the responses from experts Kim Borrowdale (Deputy CEO for Suicide Prevention Australia) and Alan Woodward (Director of Lifeline’s Research Foundation) to our online community's questions about how to start the conversation, get past a mate’s bravado, and provide ongoing support. read more
  • The real impact of loneliness in Australia (and how to combat it)

    15 Jul 2016 02:17 AM Alan Woodward, the Executive Director of Lifeline Research Foundation and one of R U OK?'s research experts, discusses the real impact of loneliness in Australia and how to combat it. read more
  • Tips on transitioning into retirement

    15 Jul 2016 02:08 AM R U OK? conversation expert Rachel Clements shares her tips on transitioning in to retirement. She believes those who have strong social support and are engaged in the community usually have the smoothest and most enjoyable transition. read more