R U OK? Afield

As fly-in fly-out or drive-in drive-out practices become more common, more workers are being separated from their family and friend support networks. This is why we’ve been working with Bristow to encourage workmates to back each other by asking “are you ok?”

R U OK? Afield helps workmates talk to their peers when they suspect someone might not be ok. And it encourages them to do this on a regular basis. So whether you’re managing a team, or a member of a team wanting to reach out to a colleague, these resources are for you.

R U OK? Afield resources


It's not always obvious

It's not always obvious that someone is struggling - and we sometimes need to be reminded to trust our gut instinct and dig a bit deeper.  This kit includes posters (including one with a conversation flowchart) and toolbox talking points to inspire workmates to start a conversation.

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You don’t have to be best buds to ask

Featuring some of Australia’s best-known AFL and NRL players, these resources remind workers that you don’t have to be best mates to offer some support. This kit includes posters and postcards to share with staff to remind them. 

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Practical Conversation Guide_A5_Single

How to ask staff R U OK?

A practical guide to help managers ask the question of staff working away from home.

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